Controls: mouse (use vertical and horizontal direction to control black matter). 

This is full my idea for new game mechanic. Yes, it's too similar on Sokoban game and my old flash boards games like "Maze Eye", "Ball'n Cross" and "Little Light". But I thought up an steps-element as block and it's allows you to create a new stage in logic level-design.  I don't want to prove anything, I just invented the bike and it's really cool! ^_^

Game for Game Jam

This game created in Corona SDK. Open source code for this version (special for Jam) you can found in

I recommend  you use Sublime Text editor for see sourse code.

Language: Lua

Free platform for compilation:


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Sometimes you don't need to be a programmer/designer to make a game, only notepad and pen.

My handmade level-editor for this game ;)

Level Editor

Cool game, you should add WASD and arrows and it will be golden


Thank you for feedback.

I forgot add duplicated keyboard-controls (arrows and wasd), thanks for tip and reminding. Also I need show pre-direction as arrow for next move (on MouseMove event), sometimes isn't intuitive.